The hair saga

straight vs curly


fe8e148c07a7bc48320e6702a68b495f  THE HAIR SAGA

It has come to my attention that 2014 is the #noWeave year. Many men have been complaining about how they dont like weaves and many women have opted to go for the natural look.

Currently I have a fro, its grown from a #TWA (tiny winy Afro) to semi medium fro. i had a #BC (big chop) in 2012 and it was the saddest moment of my cosmetic life. it took me a year to get used to managing  it and only now in 2014 it is where i want it to be.

I still have a love for straight hair, however I don’t think its something my hair can pull off.

So there’s something still slightly confusing about all of this, men say they want women without weaves however a lot of men are attracted to females that have hair that can blow in the…

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There’s a man I met about 7 -8 years ago. He was a very gentle soul who could charm most people to liking him.

Thanks to technology I was able to communicate with this man almost every day. We became close, we knew each other regardless of what connected us.

From his childhood experiences I could tell that his soul was slightly broken. That’s when I saw that he loves people and he has amazing social skills.

Chapter after chapter I learn more and more things through, because and about him.
I chose him to be my family.
He is Eric.
He is the husband
He is mine. 🙂

Side chick

Side chick edition 1
the other woman;  makhwapheni; the mistress; a female that is neither a male’s wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship

There are 2 types of these side chicks, 1 who knows that she is a side dish and 1 who is lead to believe that she’s more, I say she is lead to believe because even though there are signs some girls really believe the lies and end up thinking their the main squeeze.

In my opinion all people have their place, where there’s a demand, there’s a supply. The main girl, the wife, the Mrs are all placed closed to the heart, at the main house, with the family and even in public.
However the side chick also has her lane; she resides in the I’m chats, on the second phone, in dark alley ways and even on lonely Wednesday nights.
There comes a problem when lines get blurred. When side chicks act like main chicks or demand things that they don’t deserve.

There are rules to these things and I honestly believe people could have less stress if they just followed suit.

Let’s keep an eye on this 1, its gonna be a series. I’ll update edition 2 soon.


So I feel as if people are generally reckless with their lives and lives of other people. We all tend to think we’re invincible especially on the roads and especially at night.
I get scared every time I see an accident because I’m afraid its someone I know.

Please be safe out there, nomatter what it is you’re doing. There are too many of you dying and it feels like its on purpose!

Working lady


So in the visual communication department we’ve all been given a chance to go work as interns for WIL (work integrated learning).

A bunch of people that ive been talking have shown a bit of reluctance when it comes to looking for, finding and actually doing this internship course. a few other people have been hella excited and are as ready as ever to begin learning and get their fingers sticky with “real world” juices.

Personally i’m tired of being a student and i couldnt be more ready even if i wanted to. i dont know if my skills and knowledge is ready though but i believe that i can find a way to make it work.

so now the actual working experience.

Its only been 3 days and i actually think im settling in well, seems as if i might actually stay.

Theres one concern though, since i cannot stay in JHB at the moment, i have to travel to and from work. 

My question to you is, what is better? decreasing stress and using a faster mode of transport, or comfort. because between driving and using the Gautrain, they both amount roughly to the same amount. 

ill keep you updated.

“Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.”

So many times i find myself waking up to the sound of my alarm and planning all the things i should accomplish for the day, in my head.

im sure i do a time schedule as well. three hours later i find myself asking HAO?! where did the time go? i couldnt have taken 180 minutes, to check FB, Twitter feeds, go to the loo, make breakfast, eat, stare at myself in the mirror, play with my hair, check bbm statuses …….etc.

until a point when i start doing what i planned to and end up getting distracted. Surely i am not the only person who is a slave to procrastination.. 

however i think this slave master is very evil and works hand in hand with laziness

The future of our youth

Recently in the news theres been so many people being outraged by crimes committed, human rights being invaded or even simple things like striking.

i listened to a radio interview today and the youth league president of a particular party was just stating her ideas for the future. It got me thinking, do us as young people think about the future of the country? basically our children’s future and their children after that?

honestly i want tho be remembered for something, im not the type to be in politics so im not going to create big change in the community, how ever i think as people we should be doing more.

Almost every one i know is hustling one thing or another and although its great for each person to be pushing their own hustle, it gets a lil much when you know that each persons hustle is more important than the next so even if you’re not a hustler where do you fall in? investor? follower? hater? cheerleader?

HUSTLING : the act of trying to obtain a certain goal in a difficult situation.

Pushing your own hustle: Doing your own ish, self- employment, concentrating on you 

Growing up

it being my third year as a design student, theres been so many changes that i’ve had to go through.

While doing practicals, one has to literally go job hunting only to work for free.

deciding how to plan your future is also a  big factor, concentrating on your career and being wonder woman at the top of the ladder, or getting mr right to make ‘an honest woman‘ out of you.

i have also been trying to save money, because as much as im still planning my future i know i have to leave my parents house.