There’s a man I met about 7 -8 years ago. He was a very gentle soul who could charm most people to liking him.

Thanks to technology I was able to communicate with this man almost every day. We became close, we knew each other regardless of what connected us.

From his childhood experiences I could tell that his soul was slightly broken. That’s when I saw that he loves people and he has amazing social skills.

Chapter after chapter I learn more and more things through, because and about him.
I chose him to be my family.
He is Eric.
He is the husband
He is mine. 🙂

Working lady


So in the visual communication department we’ve all been given a chance to go work as interns for WIL (work integrated learning).

A bunch of people that ive been talking have shown a bit of reluctance when it comes to looking for, finding and actually doing this internship course. a few other people have been hella excited and are as ready as ever to begin learning and get their fingers sticky with “real world” juices.

Personally i’m tired of being a student and i couldnt be more ready even if i wanted to. i dont know if my skills and knowledge is ready though but i believe that i can find a way to make it work.

so now the actual working experience.

Its only been 3 days and i actually think im settling in well, seems as if i might actually stay.

Theres one concern though, since i cannot stay in JHB at the moment, i have to travel to and from work. 

My question to you is, what is better? decreasing stress and using a faster mode of transport, or comfort. because between driving and using the Gautrain, they both amount roughly to the same amount. 

ill keep you updated.

Growing up

it being my third year as a design student, theres been so many changes that i’ve had to go through.

While doing practicals, one has to literally go job hunting only to work for free.

deciding how to plan your future is also a  big factor, concentrating on your career and being wonder woman at the top of the ladder, or getting mr right to make ‘an honest woman‘ out of you.

i have also been trying to save money, because as much as im still planning my future i know i have to leave my parents house.