Only women will understand

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These are type of moments that happen often and as women we can all relate. Hala at me if I’ve missed anything. Stay slaying and keep being a supernatural xxoo ❤ 😉 Advertisements


PHAT Girls – New weight

In my previous post PHAT girls i mentioned that i gained a gang load of weight in 1 month. When i started gaining weight in 2014 I was at approximately 60 – 65Kgs. That year i wanted to lose weight as … Continue reading


PHAT Girls

PHAT (Pretty, Healthy, And, Thick). The era has begun. This is gonna be a 3 part series where i will be exploring not only my own experiences and struggles of being plus sized, but also shedding light on other thick … Continue reading



Today we have a very gorgeous lady on spotlight. I chose her because she is PHAT (pretty, healthy and  thick).  As an athlete yes she should have a strong physique, but damn Serena got back. Serena Williams embodies style, power, beauty … Continue reading


Booty workouts

Quadruped hip extensions

Having a booty seems to be in high demand. however having a cute and toned booty is a lot better. Here are a few exercises to help strengthen and tone your butt. I recommend you incorporate them in your weekly … Continue reading