Chronicles of “Mama Eli” – 1 of many

8 week scan

PREGNANCY It came to me like a gust of wind. I was just minding my own business, living my life, working ever so hard and it hit me, I think I might be pregnant. I had this feeling in my … Continue reading


Only women will understand

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These are type of moments that happen often and as women we can all relate. Hala at me if I’ve missed anything. Stay slaying and keep being a supernatural xxoo ā¤ šŸ˜‰


Product that solved multiple problems

I bet you’re wondering if it’s actually possible for there to be a product that help with multiple problems, however i really do have one. To be completely honest one of the best products that your hair needs is regular … Continue reading


PHAT Girls – New weight

In my previous post PHAT girlsĀ i mentioned that i gained a gang load of weight in 1 month. When i started gaining weight in 2014 I was at approximately 60 – 65Kgs. That year i wanted to lose weight as … Continue reading


PHAT Girls

PHAT (Pretty, Healthy, And, Thick). The era has begun. This is gonna be a 3 part series where i will be exploring not only my own experiences and struggles of being plus sized, but also shedding light on other thick … Continue reading


Top Natural hair styles

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So you have a beautiful head of hair and you have exhausted the usual high puff that we all do with stocking head band. I’ve compiled a few -multi length- hair styles that you can look at as inspiration. Even … Continue reading


Products of the month

This past month after a great wash day (including DC) I decided to get braids done. Right now I’m rocking a braided mohawk with individual twists in-front. This was a perfect autumn protective style, because I can still keep the … Continue reading



Today we have a very gorgeous lady on spotlight. I chose her because she is PHAT (pretty, healthy andĀ Ā thick). Ā As an athlete yes she should have a strong physique, but damn Serena got back. Serena Williams embodies style, power, beauty … Continue reading



Name: Ā Ruth Mafupa She is:Ā TheĀ main writer and editor ofĀ natural blog. She is aĀ D.I.Y junky, self taught clothing designer, self taught hair stylist and sheĀ loves every thing healthy and natural. She has a number of Tutorials and shows the best … Continue reading


The hair saga

straight vs curly


fe8e148c07a7bc48320e6702a68b495fĀ  THE HAIR SAGA

It has come to my attention that 2014 is the #noWeave year. Many men have been complaining about how they dont like weaves and many women have opted to go for the natural look.

Currently I have a fro, its grown from a #TWA (tiny winy Afro) to semi medium fro. i had a #BC (big chop) in 2012 and it was the saddest moment of my cosmetic life. it took me a year to get used to managing Ā it and only now in 2014 it is where i want it to be.

I still have a love for straight hair, however I donā€™t think its something my hair can pull off.

So thereā€™s something still slightly confusing about all of this, men say they want women without weaves however a lot of men are attracted to females that have hair that can blow in theā€¦

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