Chronicles of “Mama Eli” – 1 of many


It came to me like a gust of wind. I was just minding my own business, living my life, working ever so hard and it hit me, I think I might be pregnant. I had this feeling in my GUT that I just couldn’t ignore anymore.

After all the fun my girls have been making of me, after all the late nights and early mornings I had been working, after all the stress me and mine were going through while trying to upgrade our lives, how could I have missed the fact that I was carrying life for about 4 weeks.

The first reaction I had at that moment was denial. Nah it can’t be, when would it have happened. – I sat there recalling our recent rolls in the hay in conjunction with what I assumed my cycle was doing. Connected the dots and figured out a where and when.

Then I got over myself and honestly said, oh snap I’m preggers! Once I told the few important people of mypee stick suspicions, I did it, I purchased a regular pregnancy test and proceeded to pee on a stick. I had an array of emotions and thoughts as I was reading the pamphlet waiting for the results. I was happy because this was a BIG deal, I was nervous because what if it’s a false alarm, I was confused because it wasn’t an event I had planned out every detail of. when I looked at the results it was right there in pink and white: Positive!

By the time I showed mine the pee stick he had already imagined our happily ever after and was referring to me as “the two of you”.

As the days proceeded I continued as the busy bee I had always been, till I could secure an appointment with my OBGYN.

The day I went to the OB I was en route to a turn up and was ready to react accordingly depending on what she tells me.

So let me break it down, I’m about to get real now so forgive me for the details.

It was a sunny Wednesday and I took the morning off from work, I woke up under the impression that I could make a quick trip to the gym before the appointment, however I over slept.

I arrived to a semi full waiting room, filled out the application forms and was asked to go pee in a cup. I had no feelings about it, was very up beat in fact. So I took my ass to the ladies, squatted, aimed and began peeing. As soon as I was finished (completely) in the loo, I got back to the doctors rooms, I sat as close to the door as possible, clutching my cup and daydreaming about my future.

My OB called me in and asked me if I was there for a checkup or pregnancy, when my last period was, if I have any issues etc. After answering all the consultation questions it was time for the physical examination.

I took off my sneakers and climbed on the scale I was approximately 70kgs. She proceeded to tell me to take off my pants and climb on the bed. She explained the whole process while taking my vitals. Since it was early in the pregnancy she had to do an internal exam, something I was soooooo not ready for. Like how was I alive for 25 years and not know that you get internal sonogram attachments. It’s like a long wand which the doctor places a condom over then applies the cold sonar gel and slides inside the vagina.

I spread my legs and it began, I looked on the screen and saw the sonogram of my uterus and right there in all the glory I saw my little foetus, about the size of bean.

8 week scan

8 week scan

Right there in that moment she confirmed my 8 week pregnancy. She did all the measurements and he was a whopping 2cm. Okay it’s not whopping but it was epic at that point. She asked me to take out my phone to record as she was about to BLOW MY MIND! I pressed record and there it was, his heartbeat. I was 1 person with 2 heartbeats y’all. For like the next 7 months I would never be alone. After about a year of marriage we had just created the biggest upgrade of our lives and nothing will ever be the same again. It was that very moment, I was someones mother.

When we were done she gave me my print outs, scheduled my next appointment and congratulated me.

I got to work and indulged in the turn up because I was slaying in a crop top and a high pony. With some ofImage-1 the most fun creatives I’ve met, we danced and partied because as a company, turning up is what we do really well. After the hectic “set life” that we been doing it was about time and well deserved.

The following day I was off to a trip to the beach with my favourites. It was a hell of a turn up and I made sure to enjoy beach things.IMG_4094 Everything continued as normal except the creeping in of heartburn. This was something I never really suffered from so as it came it shook me, but I did my best to ignore it. I was never really sick so that whole period was actually smooth.

will catch you up soon.

Stay slaying and keep being a supernatural xoxo ❤ 😉


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