Product that solved multiple problems

I bet you’re wondering if it’s actually possible for there to be a product that help with multiple health-graphics-20_1080040aproblems, however i really do have one. To be completely honest one of the best products that your hair needs is regular old tap water.
Yes I really really mean it. Your hair may want extra things to be able to behave a particular way or hold a certain style but as a base product and as a default water is what your hair will always need.

31jJ6usFRoL._SX342_Now give me an empty spray bottle and I could mix a nice moisturizer or daily spritz spray. Apart from leave in conditioner you can add your favourite oil and this is what my post is about today. I have found an oil that feels amazing on my hair. It’s not too greasy and it smells amazing.

Ladies I present Dr Miracles – Gro oil . “With Vitamins A, D, E, Avocado, and Aloe Vera provide intensive therapy for your hair and scalp, specially formulated to promote healthy 300hair growth as it conditions and shines.  I purchased this at clicks and it was under 100 bucks.
The way I use it is by 1 mixing it in my empty spray bottle so I can spray my hair before I prepare it for the night, I spray my hair in the morning for manipulating it, I spray when I have a protective hair style to keep it moist and I also spray right before I take down the protective style so as not to break any tangled hair.

I also use it as is if need to oil up my scalp when I have braids, or even to rub against my edges before  brush down my edges.

So to list we have

  • Adding to a moisturiser spray
  • Use to detangle as you unplait
  • Use to pay extra detail to your edges
  • Use in a spritz spray to handle your hair before bed
  • Use it in a hot oil treatment

As a hair oil I’m not sure if its better than alma oil however I’m totally into it.

Whats your favourite oil and how do you use it?

Stay super natural.

xxoo ❤ 🙂


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