PHAT Girls – New weight

PhatGirlsIn my previous post PHAT girls i mentioned that i gained a gang load of weight in 1 month.

When i started gaining weight in 2014 I was at approximately 60 – 65Kgs. That year i wanted to lose weight as i was getting married later that year, My weight fluctuated but I also gained some muscles, (Thank you to the gym down the road for toning up my arms). At the end of November i weighed 64Kgs, I didn’t like it, but i embraced it.

Post wedding, post honeymoon in December, post newly wed routine,  at a whopping 70Kgs everyone keeps asking if I’m pregnant. Its not a bad notion, it wouldn’t be a bad idea, but Damn people, like can’t a girl gain some happy weight without begin asked by at least 20 different people if they should be expecting good news. Yes yes I know it expected for a newly wed to be planning a baby but honestly my boobs are only bigger because I’m fatter now, my thighs and ass will always be the first to show weight gain, its a bit unfortunate that i also have a lil bit of stomach flab- No I do not have a mkhaba (Vernac for boep, big hanging stomach, etc) , my waist is actually quite small, but I can see that some ab work is needed.

I was working at an event the other day and I noticed that the way in which PHAT girls see and portray themselves sometimes has to do with age. Watching 18 year olds dressed in super short outfits at 2am made me think that because they are young, it is more appropriate that they show off their cellulite.

Things like cellulite can always be worked on and altered, but I’m yet to see young people out and proud about stretch marks.

What do you think is worse?

In fact lets make it a poll, What would you show off or prefer to see


Hala at me PHAT girls.

xxoo 😉 ❤


One thought on “PHAT Girls – New weight

  1. Huh? I think it’s funny someone things showing off celulitis is more appropriate. I actually feel it’s the other way around. Because, well, ya know, we’re older and a wiser. We have lived more, worn the body out more and we know better than to care. :p

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