PHAT Girls

PHAT (Pretty, Healthy, And, Thick).DSC_2136-as-Smart-Object-1

The era has begun. This is gonna be a 3 part series where i will be exploring not only my own experiences and struggles of being plus sized, but also shedding light on other thick girls and how they feel. There will also be some fashion tips, so stick around and learn what it is or how to be a PHAT GIRL.

At age 24 I gained rapid weight in 2 weeks (yes December wasn’t good to me). The only bad thing about it was the fact that i was unable to deal because this was a new body, new layers, new stretch marks. It killed me everyday when i had to put clothes on and take them off just because they didn’t fit the same way.

I faked it till i made it.

I love my body, I love my big ass, and I love my voluptuous curves. So I’m proud to call myself a PHAT girl.

When i walk into the room, you better be scared, I might not have confidence in my jiggly bits but I do have confidence that I attract enough attention to keep my ego on top.

I recently did a #Spotlight on Serena Williams where she was our #superNatural because of her big and gorgeous physique.

When i looked at what the definition of a plus sized model is, I was appalled because these b*tches aint thick let alone plus sized. I was out raged because at size 36+ it means I’m really really big. big couple

Each time I ask my husband about my weight or stretch marks, he seems not to care or not to think its a big deal, It’s still hard to believe that men don’t think weight gain is a big deal, but think a certain way about people who have always been big.

There is always a stigma when it comes to sexuality and big women. The names I’ve heard: BBW, Big momma, code 10, winter blanket, wale, Mc Donalds, etc.



There are a few movements and campaigns I’ve seen that are only about plus sized women. Whether its fashion, health, or even lingerie.

A campaign i recently saw was #Loveyourlines showing off women body and their stretch marks. Nice to think that someone is doing good out there.

Here is a list of my favourite PHAT girls.


  1. Queen Lathifa
  2. Mo’nique Imes Jackson
  3. Mellisa Mc Carthy
  4. Jill Scott


Are you a PHAT girl. Hit me up and tell me how you feeling.

Always be a #SuperNatural  xxoo 🙂 ❤


4 thoughts on “PHAT Girls

  1. A lot of people think that I’m too big for my age and i need to lose weight. I’ve been a BIG girl since a young age, i never felt uncomfortable or lacked any confidence cause i loved my body, i embraced what i have and i still do, being called names like SDUDLA, WINTER BLANKET, FATTY etc never brought me down or anything cause YES I’m sadudla and I’m OK with that and if people are not OK with that then its alright… I’m OK with them not being OK .

    I’m currently not in a relationship, well my Ex boyfriend broke off the relationship because he felt that i emotionally still need to grow, well i honestly still don’t know what he meant by that but its alright I’m over him … what hurts me most is that i ones tried losing weight for him, i was doing it for him because he always emphasised that i need to lose weight, he is not comfortable with me being Biiiiig, so I tried your Herbex, Green tea, downloaded work out videos and starved myself somedays, i’d always send him a list of what i did today in terms of work out and he would always tell me that i should keep pushing, the weight will be gone soon, BUT i was Crying inside, crying because I’m not doing all this for me but for him. i’d always tell when i was with him that he is not happy with how i look so i’d try so hard to look sexy for him and do stuff that I’m so uncomfortable with just to impress him…

    So with all the hard work i was putting in to look good for him, he cheated on me with a not so good looking girl compared to how i look lol (SORRY FOR THE SHADE) but body wise she’s slim and has a bit of an ass… so i guess thats what he wanted all along. so thats the story of my life when coming to my PREVIOUS relationship …

    I’m TAKING CARE OF MYSELF/BODY and I’m a BIG GIRL and that will NEVER change, i love my BODY, it took me a while to regain my confidence but I’m staying true to who i am. i am BIG, BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE AND STAY SLAYING, I LOVE MY CURVES, MY FULL BREAST, I DONT HAVE A FLAT TUMMY and I’m ok with that. if people aren’t ok with us phat girls being phat then its ok … we are different and we were created to be different and we will stay different and PHATABULOUS 🙂 🙂


    • I love the fact that you’re taking care of yourself. One thing that I think you should know is, the reason why most men cheat is not about what they want vs what you can give them, a lot of the time its to test what they can achieve elsewhere. -(i should do a piece on cheaters).
      Lets all stand together till they can’t handle us. #PHATgirls

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