Top Natural hair styles

So you have a beautiful head of hair and you have exhausted the usual high puff that we all do with stocking head band. I’ve compiled a few -multi length- hair styles that you can look at as inspiration. Even for someone who is considering leaving the relaxer life for good. Come over and be a #SuperNatural.

1st up we have the TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) by @Loved1one (yes thats me).

Loved1one's TWAAs short as it looks i achieved it by a simple wash n go. (i didn’t do any stretching). It causes heavy tangling however it was such a down week that i didn’t have time to manage my hair. I did take my precautions, handled it with care and made sure its always moisturized.

In the morning its the type of hairstyle that has minimal manipulation. On this day i added a flower on the side.


2nd up: We up we have a curl out by @Coolcalmcurly (Ann Marie B).

Anne Marie's curl outShe rocks beautiful curl outs. Created with curl/perm rods. She has quite the length of hair, with a bit of ombre at the tips. I love this style, you can wear it as is, or you could rock a big funky accessory.




Up Next we a BC (big chop) by @nandimngoma .

Nandi Mngoma's BCThis is the simplest of all the hairstyles. It doesn’t need manipulation in the morning, it doesn’t need precaution at night. When you have a certain style to it, you have to moisture it, and brush your edges down. It works well with some cute make up and big chunky ear-rings.



The next style we’ve got is the High bun by @Aisha.

Aisha's High This is a gorgeous way to wear your crown. It requires quite a bit of length and your hair should be fully stretched out. A nice headband works well in the front. For variation you can try a nice pin at the top of your puff.



When you wanna leave your afro to be an afro, comb it out and shape it up. Here we have a shaped afro by @AyandMVP (ayanda) Afro by Ayanda

She kills it with the red colour. I’ve done this style before (obviously without the red), and although its a lot of work making it look, and keeping it this way, it turns a lot of heads. Everyone stays wanting to touch your fro with this style.

The last thing that works wonderfully is a fro hawk.

This takes a bit of patience Fro hawk by Loved1onegetting the hair band in the right position. Your hair also has to be stretched. You just need a rat tail comb, a stretchy band, a brush and some hair pins.

Look at the pic of my hair tutorial and achieve a fierce #frohawk.



Which are some of you best hair styles for #superNaturalz . Comment and spread the word. Love it each and every single day.

Stay being a #super.  #LOVEit #xxoo  ❤ 😉


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