Products of the month

This past month after a great wash day (including DC) I decided to get braids done.

Right now I’m rocking a braided mohawk with individual twists in-front. This was a perfect autumn protective style, because I can still keep the hair moisturized but I its protected so I never have to manipulate it.

This weekend I washed and DC’d my protective style. Heres how I took care of it.ThisMonthsProd

  1. Spray the hair with a (water and leave-in) – I make this mixture in empty bottle.
  2. I apply some molding cream in my fingers and re-twist my twists.
  3. I finish off by spraying with multi-purpose spray.
  4. Once I’m done I wrap my head in a satin scarf and by the time that I’m done, all the fuzz is flat and my protective style looks all brand new.

The brand names of these products work best for me.

Glyco lemon leave in conditioner is extremely affordable and it leaves my kinks so so so soft.

Jabu Stone molding cream feels very light. I know most people think it’s for dreadlocks but if you put a small amount of it on wet hair, the curls turn out fantastic.

The Jabu Stone multipurpose spray is only used when I have braids, it’s an ultra-moisturiser with a sunscreen formula,  used to protect hair and scalp from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

These are my go to products for the month.

Tell me what your experience is. #LOVEit  xxoo  ❤  🙂



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