Letter to my alter ego

meEveryday I dream about you, I see the things that you are capable of.

Every single day I see your beauty, I admire your strength, I’m in awe of your courage and I’m envious of your creativity.
Oh sweet thing if there was only a way I could meet you, not in my dreams but as I go through my daily routine.

My dear Loved-one you are a super natural beauty. you are a Zulu queen, married to an African king. Your daughters and sons will run shit better than anyone can imagine.

Theres no need for you to be defined, words can never explain.

Your physique is one that many envy, each and every single curve lasts forever.


I can only dream of you will turn out.

My love for you is real, my dear Thandiwe Loved-one Thwala Ngoboka 🙂


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