Hair things – holiday hair

In our hot South African summer the air tends to become quite dry.
So to keep our lovely locks hydrated here’s a few tips to make sure we retain our length.

The usual rules always apply.
1. Wash and condition your hair at least twice a month; use a gentle sulphate free shampoo.

2. Deep condition weekly; a protein rich DC with conditioner and your mix of oils with a plastic cap, helps lock in the moisture in your hair.

3. Where a protective style; by braiding your hair you reduce daily manipulation. This means that your ends will be protected from friction and as your hair grows it will retain its length. Make sure you don’t pull the roots too tight, especially along the edge.


4. Make sure you sleep in a satin scarf or bonnet; this helps your hair from extreme friction to the pillow. Also, you can keep your ends sealed and braided.

5. Moisturize moisturize moisturize; everyday keep your moist with a water spritz and some oil to seal it in.

Keep this regimen going and your hair won’t suffer the holiday heat.
Much love
Xxoo 😘


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