The future of our youth

Recently in the news theres been so many people being outraged by crimes committed, human rights being invaded or even simple things like striking.

i listened to a radio interview today and the youth league president of a particular party was just stating her ideas for the future. It got me thinking, do us as young people think about the future of the country? basically our children’s future and their children after that?

honestly i want tho be remembered for something, im not the type to be in politics so im not going to create big change in the community, how ever i think as people we should be doing more.

Almost every one i know is hustling one thing or another and although its great for each person to be pushing their own hustle, it gets a lil much when you know that each persons hustle is more important than the next so even if you’re not a hustler where do you fall in? investor? follower? hater? cheerleader?

HUSTLING : the act of trying to obtain a certain goal in a difficult situation.

Pushing your own hustle: Doing your own ish, self- employment, concentrating on you 


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