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So you have a beautiful head of hair and you have exhausted the usual high puff that we all do with stocking head band. I’ve compiled a few -multi length- hair styles that you can look at as inspiration. Even … Continue reading

The hair saga

straight vs curly


fe8e148c07a7bc48320e6702a68b495fĀ  THE HAIR SAGA

It has come to my attention that 2014 is the #noWeave year. Many men have been complaining about how they dont like weaves and many women have opted to go for the natural look.

Currently I have a fro, its grown from a #TWA (tiny winy Afro) to semi medium fro. i had a #BC (big chop) in 2012 and it was the saddest moment of my cosmetic life. it took me a year to get used to managing Ā it and only now in 2014 it is where i want it to be.

I still have a love for straight hair, however I donā€™t think its something my hair can pull off.

So thereā€™s something still slightly confusing about all of this, men say they want women without weaves however a lot of men are attracted to females that have hair that can blow in theā€¦

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